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Pushing Past Discovery

Now that toxic pollution is common knowledge, is it possible to write a modern Silent Spring? What could be equally momentous for an environmental writer help us discover? Oddly enough, it may be our … Continue reading

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So Long, SONGS?

How do you scrap an entire nuclear power plant?  Step One: auction off the stuff that’s not glowing. Then what? By Rebecca Widiss Last week, the ill-fated San Onofre Nuclear Generating … Continue reading

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What you looking at?

Long before DC’s beloved snowy owl got hit by a bus, one resident said she saw calamity coming. Was she just a pessimist? Or do we know enough about owls … Continue reading

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What Freelancers and Editors Want From Each Other | SciLogs

This post by Matt Shipman originally appeared at Communication Breakdown on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, and it has been cross-posted here with permission from the author. Reporters and editors need … Continue reading

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Ocean “BlueTube” Rivals YouTube in Reach

One of the world’s greatest music exchanges isn’t underground. It’s underwater. Humpback whale songs ride waves of popularity across oceans – and sometimes beyond. After years of speculation, a team of … Continue reading

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When the Court of Public Opinion Gets it Wrong: Libel Law & the Internet

“Depending on what you are writing about, you might want to pause before hitting the publish button to make sure what you are saying is accurate and fair,” says Dave … Continue reading

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