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So Long, SONGS?

How do you scrap an entire nuclear power plant?  Step One: auction off the stuff that’s not glowing. Then what? By Rebecca Widiss Last week, the ill-fated San Onofre Nuclear Generating … Continue reading

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Misleading with pictures: The pitfalls of data visualization

Rectangles and rainbows may not be the best way to visualize scientific data. Scientists and communicators are changing their thinking about the most appropriate way to represent data without bias. … Continue reading

March 12, 2014 · 1 Comment

Ocean “BlueTube” Rivals YouTube in Reach

One of the world’s greatest music exchanges isn’t underground. It’s underwater. Humpback whale songs ride waves of popularity across oceans – and sometimes beyond. After years of speculation, a team of … Continue reading

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Podunk on a Pedestal

I remember that squirrel. Right paw raised high, as if we go way back. Come to think of it, it has been three years since we first crossed paths. By … Continue reading

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UnPaint My Art

Not enough emphasis can be put on the fact that there is no universal print stripper — Rubin M. Operowsky, speaking at the 1954 Convention of the American Electroplaters’ Society … Continue reading

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Boys Like Folding and Other Discoveries

For eight hours last month, I mingled with stars of the origami world — exploring a quirky subculture that’s immune to the vogue for inquiry-based learning — and became a … Continue reading

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