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Pushing Past Discovery

Now that toxic pollution is common knowledge, is it possible to write a modern Silent Spring? What could be equally momentous for an environmental writer help us discover? Oddly enough, it may be our … Continue reading

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So Long, SONGS?

How do you scrap an entire nuclear power plant?  Step One: auction off the stuff that’s not glowing. Then what? By Rebecca Widiss Last week, the ill-fated San Onofre Nuclear Generating … Continue reading

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What you looking at?

Long before DC’s beloved snowy owl got hit by a bus, one resident said she saw calamity coming. Was she just a pessimist? Or do we know enough about owls … Continue reading

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Ocean “BlueTube” Rivals YouTube in Reach

One of the world’s greatest music exchanges isn’t underground. It’s underwater. Humpback whale songs ride waves of popularity across oceans – and sometimes beyond. After years of speculation, a team of … Continue reading

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Podunk on a Pedestal

I remember that squirrel. Right paw raised high, as if we go way back. Come to think of it, it has been three years since we first crossed paths. By … Continue reading

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UnPaint My Art

Not enough emphasis can be put on the fact that there is no universal print stripper — Rubin M. Operowsky, speaking at the 1954 Convention of the American Electroplaters’ Society … Continue reading

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Boys Like Folding and Other Discoveries

For eight hours last month, I mingled with stars of the origami world — exploring a quirky subculture that’s immune to the vogue for inquiry-based learning — and became a … Continue reading

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