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Welcome, internet commenters

A new online commenting system on PubMed, one of the leading databases of peer-reviewed biomedical research, has opened the door for scientists to provide honest feedback about the pros and … Continue reading

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Transitioning in Science

Diversity in science is more than just establishing male-female balance, or achieving some perfect subset of races and cultures. People across all spectra must feel welcomed.    by Kerstin Nordstrom … Continue reading

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When the Court of Public Opinion Gets it Wrong: Libel Law & the Internet

“Depending on what you are writing about, you might want to pause before hitting the publish button to make sure what you are saying is accurate and fair,” says Dave … Continue reading

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Podunk on a Pedestal

I remember that squirrel. Right paw raised high, as if we go way back. Come to think of it, it has been three years since we first crossed paths. By … Continue reading

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When Medical Research Hits Home

As a scientist, I support the promising possibilities of stem cell research—but as a daughter, I worry about the inherent risks of participating in clinical trials.            … Continue reading

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Do You Remember Your First Online Moment? For Some, That Moment Is Today

Though members of the Millennial generation have a reputation for tech obsessions, a new study says that young people who grew up with computer technology are in the minority, worldwide. … Continue reading

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So super you can’t see it; A low lying supervolcano discovered on Mars

In a field of Martian craters lies an unassuming depression that has news sites proclaiming the latest supervolcano discovery. Could this be a new class of volcano? by Lauren DiPerna … Continue reading

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