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Can you explain your research in one sentence?

Summarizing research so that it can be understood by an audience of non-experts is a lot harder than it looks. Why not practice your elevator speech now? by Ian C. Campbell … Continue reading

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So Long, SONGS?

How do you scrap an entire nuclear power plant?  Step One: auction off the stuff that’s not glowing. Then what? By Rebecca Widiss Last week, the ill-fated San Onofre Nuclear Generating … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Meetings

Now that the Internet exists, why do we still go to meetings? Is a more general conference better or worse than a specific one?   by Kerstin Nordstrom About two … Continue reading

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Misleading with pictures: The pitfalls of data visualization

Rectangles and rainbows may not be the best way to visualize scientific data. Scientists and communicators are changing their thinking about the most appropriate way to represent data without bias. … Continue reading

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Lemurs and bones and science, oh my! ScienceOnline Together 2014.

ScienceOnline Together got started today. If you’re not there, you virtually can be. Learn more here about what SciO really is and why you might consider attending next year. by … Continue reading

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Have your embargo and break it too

Press embargoes, what are they good for? And can you really place an embargo on publicly posted research papers?

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What you looking at?

Long before DC’s beloved snowy owl got hit by a bus, one resident said she saw calamity coming. Was she just a pessimist? Or do we know enough about owls … Continue reading

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